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Divinity Hoops | Moonstone
Divinity Hoops | Moonstone
Divinity Hoops | Moonstone

Divinity Hoops | Moonstone

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The Divinity Hoops are the perfect stud hoops for everyday and your special events.

This design sits flush against the ear while the circles that enclose the Moonstones drop off the lobe.

Moonstone. This gemstone is deeply connected to Feminine energy. As it's name suggests it carries with it the cyclic wisdom of the moon and tides and reminds us that cycles are natural and normal and add to the richness of our lives. All that grows must decompose, all that comes must go and all that's dull will shine again.

Stones: 10x13mm free form Moonstone.

Diameter: 29mm

Length: 35mm

Metal: Sterling Silver

Style: Stud Hoops

Hoop Wire Gauge: 1.5mm

All pieces in this collection feature hand-cut gemstones from my 2018 stone buying trip to Jaipur India. My supplier Ravi and his family are my amazing suppliers of rose-cut stones and it's an absolute pleasure to know and support their family through my work.