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Solar Threaders | Opal
Solar Threaders | Opal

Solar Threaders | Opal

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The Solar Threaders are simple elegance.

This unique design wears similar to a stud earring but has the added detail of a long drop hook that creates unique, one of a kind earrings.

This pair features two hand-picked, smooth Ethiopian Opal stone: 6 x 8mm oval shape.

Opal acts is an emotional stabilizer. It's a bringer of ease and an anxiety relieving stone. In an Australian myth a giant Opal was believed to oversee the solar system. This stone connects us to the sky and the stars and helps us embody all of our emotional facets. 

Style: Threader Studs

Hook Length: 2"

Stone: 6x8mm Ethiopian Opal.

Metal: Sterling Silver.