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Jewellery Care

At Naked Sage all of our pieces are made using quality materials and great care and attention to detail. We use Sterling Silver, solid 14 Karat Gold, 14 Karat Gold Vermeil, 14 Karat Gold Filled and hand-cut gemstones.


General Care:

In order to keep your pieces looking their best for years to come, please review our care guide below:

  • Jewellery should be removed prior to showering, swimming and exercise.
  • Creams, hair products, sprays and perfumes should be applied and dry prior to adorning yourself.
  • Safe Storage - it is best to keep your jewellery out of the elements when not being worn. Storing your pieces away from moisture, light and oxygen decreases oxidization and tarnishing. Sealed bags or a jewellery box is suggested. 
  • If tarnish occurs, the Naked Sage Polishing Cloth is the best way to clean your Sterling Silver, Solid Gold and Gold Filled jewellery. Get yours here.

Gold Vermeil:

Over time the layer of Gold on Gold Vermeil jewellery can wear down. The results can range from a warm silver colour to a pale gold similar to 10K gold. Wear greatly depends on your jewellery care routine, exposure to the elements and individual body chemistry. 

Gold Vermeil earrings and necklaces typically hold up very well. Due to the amount we use our hands Vermeil rings are most at risk of fading.

To keep your Gold Vermeil jewellery looking it’s best:

  • Removing your pieces prior to showering, swimming, hand washing, exercise and the like.
  • Creams, hair products, sprays and perfumes should be applied and dry prior to adorning yourself.
  • Do not use chemical jewelry cleansers or polishing cloths on Gold Vermeil jewellery.

*We do not offer re-plating services and all sales of Gold Vermeil jewellery are final.


Our gemstones are all hand-cut natural wonders of the earth. While most semi-precious stones are quite hearty all gemstones should be treated with care and Opals require special care.

-Opals are extremely porous gems that are affected by light, water and chemicals. Be sure to remove your Opal jewellery (particularly rings) while in contact with cleaning products, creams, pools etc.

-All gemstones should be treated with care.

Herringbone Chains:

Due to the delicate weave of our stunning herringbone chains, they require special care. Being sure to lay your piece flat when not being worn and being mindful to not bend or kink the chain when taking your piece on and off. These pieces should be removed prior to sleep, rigorous activity and contact with water. We are unable to repair kinks should they occur from wear.