Welcome to my work. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Meet Jess

Jess is a small [5’1] but mighty force of a woman who holds a deep love for creative expression and meaningful connection to self and other. Jess has been creating and sharing beautiful things with her community since she was a child. She has worked in a number of mediums ranging from ceramics, to pen and pencil fine art, to fibre arts and instillation work.

After discovering the art of metal smithing in 2017, Jess' work transformed from a style of creative play towards meaningful representations of; intimate emotions, self compassion, self awareness, self actualization and our shared human experience. 

Jess' work is built on a desire to connect the wearer more deeply to themselves through a tangible representation of these themes.

Jess is dedicated to creating a life of joy, passion, intentionality, equity and abundance.

She cultivates these values through living and working mindfully, practicing feelings and actions of boldness, envisioning massive overflow and impact, donating a percentage of profits to BIOPC serving organizations and critically engaging with her role as white settler in a bi-racial partnership on stolen land.

A note from Jess:

“Thank you for sharing in what I love. I appreciate you wholeheartedly and hope my creations will act as a reminder to you of your unique and important spark.”