The Story of Naked Sage

        I grew up on the West Coast of Canada, in a small town on Vancouver Island. Living close to nature has instilled in me a deep appreciation and love for the environment and the natural beauty it holds. My love of the West Coast and my insatiable desire to travel the globe and learn from other cultures have ultimately come together and inspired the creation of Naked Sage.

        I am self-taught and love the process of moving from concept to tangible art. The creative process is something I have always loved and I would have it no other way than being able to work with my hands full time.
        The inspiration for Naked Sage spans from the rugged West Coast of Canada to the Ganga in India, the hills of Bolivia and the bustle of San Francisco. The diversity and ever changing ways of our planet is an abundant source I draw from in all of my work.
         Since 2015, Naked Sage has been my full-time labour of love. It is my mandate to earn a living doing something I am passionate about and Naked Sage is just that. I love what I do and being able to share my art with YOU makes me love waking up to my work every day.